Cutting Edge Services

Marsand Workshop offers exceptional cutting edge services, with accurate cutting and edging. If you are searching for a place to outsource your cutting and edging work, Marsand Workshop is ideal.


Marsand Workshop uses a Beam Saw for their cutting edge services, since the beam saw is heavy duty and allows for excellent workmanship through top quality components. Its easy to use design gives excellent performance to the user, and precision for sizing. Its proven driving system allows for accurate processing at high speeds. Marsand Workshop guarantees a professional quality cut on all your panels, through full cutting edge services on all sheet materials that are purchased from them.


Marsand Workshop offers computer controlled panel cutting for exceptional precision, and provides many kinds of panel sheets for your projects; pre-cut-to-size boards that can be cut to your own specifications. These are of good quality finish that are cost-efficient to save cost down the line.


Choose from the following types of boards:


- Laminated MDF and Chipboard. These are of high durability and resistance, providing great stability and are also ideal substitutes to wood veneers. Laminated MDF and Chipboard come in solid colors, wood grains and patterned white, also in an extensive range of designs.


- Melamine Boards. These do not require any finishing at all, and can be cut to size and faced with a wide variety of colors. Marsand Workshop can edge your Melamine boards with matching or contrasting colored edging tapes.


- High Gloss Boards. Marsand Workshop offers high gloss boards that provide high stability, are very easy to clean and are easy to process. Their high gloss boards offer chemical and thermal resistance and come in a wide range of colors.


- Various MDF. If you’re looking for a great price on MDF boards, Marsand Workshop offers MDF boards in various types that are less expensive than natural woods. They offer strength and custom size, and are also a terrific substrate for veneers. MDFs are rigid to plywood but also very flexible.


- Veneered boards. These boards are raw veneer wood on wood and are recyclable.


For unparalleled accuracy and quality, Marsand Workshop provides wood-based panel and boards cutting edge services. Their technologically-advanced system allows them to provide a board butting service for a wide range of boards, offering various specified sizes in a quick and efficient manner. Their edge banding machinery from Germany is fitted with the latest technology, including a pre-milling and corner round program that allows for superior edging with an exceptionally smooth, long-lasting finish.


Marsand Workshop offers edge banding for: ABS, PVC edging, solid wood edging, high gloss acrylic edging, and two-tone edging.


For all of your cutting edge services, please visit online at, where you can learn more about the type of services they provide, or feel free to call 0 203 441 4950.


You’re going to love the work that Marsand Workshop does. Their professional cutting edge services will save you time, and will also save you money.cutting edge services




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