Pvc edging

If you’re looking for a company that provides professional PVC edging, take a look at Marsand Workshop. Their best edge banding machine from Germany is run with the latest and greatest software technology, with pre-milling and corner round programming that will give your edging a smooth, long-lasting finish you’ll appreciate.


Marsand Workship provides the following types of edge banding:


- ABS Edging. They use 0.4mm to 3mm thick edge banding tapes that can be applied to Melamine boards, MDF, MFC, and laminate boards. Their ABS edging take is eco-friendly, resistant to household chemicals, and are of low weight.


- PVC Edging. Marsand Workshop uses 0.4mm to 3mm thick edge banding tapes that come in a wide range of colors and textures to truly meet the needs of their customers. PVC edging can be applied to various boards, are a solid and robust material that offer high stability, are recyclable and flame retardant. Marsand Workshop can edge boards from 18mm to 38mm with their PVC edging tapes.


- High gloss acrylic and two-tone edging. Marsand Workshop uses 1mm to 2mm thick edge banding tapes. These acrylic edging tapes are usually ideal for visual deep gloss and deep matt effects, creating a real depth to your finish. High gloss acrylic offers high heat resistance, and scratches can be easily polished out. They are also able to edge boards from 12mm to 18mm thick.


Marsand Workshop can customize your doors to any size and color, according to your specifications. They provide exceptional cutting and edging services, so you can order your MDF, MFC, and have them cut to your specifications, and put any type of edging on, including PVC edging, ABS edging, and two-tone edging.


Acrylic high gloss cabinet doors are of superior gloss finish, and Marsand Workshop can pre-drill hinges on the doors after you place your order. They are also able to build your wardrobes and kitchen cabinets from scratch, all at affordable prices. You’ll find Marsand Workshop to be very fast and reliable, with materials that are of good quality and excellent finishes. 


Now it’s quick and easy to submit your cutting list right over the internet, 24/7 from the convenience of your home or office. you can submit all of your cutting lists without even having to visit in person- simply use Marsand Workshop’s online interface, which allows you to put all of your data into your request. From the interface, you will be able to keep and manage all of your past and existing projects from one location.


To use the online interface, simply access the product information online and choose from MDF, MFC, plywood veneered boards or Melamine boards, specify exactly what size you need each piece to be and how many of each, reference each piece with a unique name, choose your edge banding and grain match, and you will receive your price quote most likely on the same day.


If you have any questions about a product or a service, you’re welcome to call the workshop at 0 203 441 4950, or visit online at marsandworkshop.com, where you can get a better look at what they offer.




Marsand Bespoke Limited
020 3441 4950
15, Redbridge Enterprise Centre, Thompson Cl, Ilford IG1 1TY

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